Scanning of objects and work surfaces is possible.

The scan will be performed using a 3D laser scanner or photogrammetry.

The output of this work will be a 3D scan of point clouds or a 3D photo model of the building. From these scans you will be able to get the necessary dimensions (distances) for further work.

In addition, I can offer:

Creation of construction drawings, BIM model or simple building passport.

In case you have existing project documentation, I can complete the actual design.

Other uses:

Determination of vegetation density, determination of height differences (altimetry) and calculations of material cubatures, visual effect on your website and much more.


The output is possible in files of type .las, .laz, .xyz, .rcp file (Autodesk), pdf, photo.

Alternatively, the need for a different type of file is possible by appointment.